Xbox Cloud Gaming Drops Two Bombshells Now Available On PC, iPhone, and iPad and Will Use Xbox Series X Technology

Xbox Cloud Gaming Drops Two Bombshells Now Available On PC, iPhone, and iPad and Will Use Xbox Series X Technology

Microsoft has set out to close the month of June in style and, not to lose the habit, continues to pamper subscribers of the Game Pass Ultimate: Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft’s cloud game, which can be used in PC and iOS using browsers. And, in the process, take the opportunity to deploy Xbox Series X technology to the service.

Let’s start with the essentials: Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC is Microsoft’s cloud gaming alternative, so your games run remotely and over the internet, without having to rely on hardware, storage, or upgrades. In addition, Xbox Cloud Gaming is included for free in the Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Until this point, Xbox Cloud Gaming was just accessible on Android gadgets. Now, and after a testing phase started in spring, the official website of Xbox announces that the cloud game is expanding to be played from browsers such as Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge in 22 countries. And, in the process, it lands on iOS devices like iPhones and iPad.

Given Apple’s police regarding the AppStore, the method used by Microsoft is to use browsers as a shortcut to offer Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS. In fact, we are recommended to enable a shortcut if we enter Safari, so – in a way – the experience offered is very similar to that of a dedicated app. That said, the fact that the iOS 14 update allows you to associate Xbox controllers natively and that there are more than 50 games optimized to be played with touch controls (from Dragon Quest XI and Killer Instinct to Minecraft Dungeons), means that the excuses to continue our games or start new ones have been considerably reduced. Especially, with the arrival of summer.

Xbox Cloud Gaming wrapped up in the power of Xbox Series X

Xbox Cloud Gaming wrapped up in the power of Xbox Series X

The second big novelty deserves to be treated separately and has a lot to do with the improvement in the quality of the experience: since its launch, the datacenters that Microsoft has used to move the game in the Xbox Cloud Gaming cloud were based on the technology of Xbox One S, so that on a visual level the contrast when playing on next-generation consoles and cloud was noticeable.

Thus, taking advantage of the arrival of cloud gaming in browsers, and that is already played on both iOS and Android, Microsoft gives the blow-off effect announcing that Xbox Cloud Gaming works from now on with custom Xbox series X hardware.

According to Microsoft, datacenters spread globally have been updated with the fastest and most powerful Xbox hardware, drastically reducing faster load times and promising a new generation experience. That yes at the moment they say that it is transmitting at 1080p and up to 60 fps, which is not bad, but they promise to improve the quality in the near future.

Microsoft continues to break down hardware barriers to being able to play Game Pass, and that that happens pretty much coinciding with the arrival of summer is good news for everyone. On Xbox, they’ve proposed that we all play Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite out, and admittedly there’s no way to resist that way.

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