The Walking Dead Life, The New Social Game Promoting The Series Finale

The Walking Dead Life, The New Social Game Promoting The Series Finale

The social game The Walking Dead Life launches by surprise on Facebook Gaming, as an announcement for the end of the AMC series.

Grab the revolver for a new game based on AMC’s zombie series, this time on Facebook Gaming. It’s called The Walking Dead Life and he does it just in time to see the TV series concluded.

Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Cast

The Walking Dead Life is a social game created for the instant games platform, whereby fans can relive memorable moments, collect virtual coins, and attack friends and foes alike.

The game, developed by Play, has been released to promote the eleventh and final season of the series. This has an initial release date of August 22 on AMC. ” The game is about including your friends in the action, be it attacking as a team or organizing a tournament together .”

Anyone who wants to can access The Walking Dead Life through this link, although it is recommended to enter with mobile devices. The already last spring could be seen briefly, all considered by the huge quota of daily active users on Facebook, around 1.9 billion worldwide.

In the title, players will be able to run into characters such as Rick Grimes, Michonne Hawthorne, and Darys Dixon. One of the functions of the game is to level up to find Easter Eggs of scenes and places that appeared in the series.

For example, Atlanta Hospital from season one, Hershel’s farm, and/or Georgia prison from seasons 3-4. AMC chose Facebook Gaming as the exclusive platform for The Walking Dead Life because it allowed them to ” create a game that is incredibly social in nature .”

The Walking Dead Life, the new social game promoting the series finale, comes to Facebook Gaming

That is what Clayton Neuman, vice president of AMC Networks, said, also pointing out that it does not need downloads. Similarly, players will be able to receive alerts from Facebook Messenger about the game activity.

” As we focus on delivering high-quality games on Facebook Gaming, we are excited to be working alongside Playco and AMC on this new The Walking Dead, ” said Jason Rubin, Vice President of FG. From Playco they are called ” the first instant games company in the world “.

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