The Most Applauded Netflix Series So Far In 2021

The Most Applauded Netflix Series So Far In 2021

There are several Netflix series (the platform’s own productions) released this year and that have given rise to talk. Here, our recommendations for marathons and catch up with 2021.

This is pop


Ay, pop. Perhaps the most reviled musical genre in history. Also despised by researchers and documentary filmmakers, to the detriment of others such as jazz or punk, to give two examples.

But the documentary series This is Pop comes to do justice to the most popular music and leaving aside its more obvious names – Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Beatles – to focus each of its eight episodes on a scene, moment or band in particular .

As a declaration of intent, he starts with an ultra-successful group in the mid-90s, but forgotten today, Boyz II Men , a name with which Backstreet Boys, Nsync and all the boy bands that proliferated later would not exist .

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Then, unravel the magic behind the three-minute catchy songs with chapters dedicated to auto-tune, Swedish pop, the most commercial country, British pop and the Brill Building , the building in New York where the songs were composed. most successful of the 60s.

From ABBA founder Benny Anderson to Linda Perry , plus Billy Bragg, Alan McGee and Suzanne Ciani are interviewed in this docuseries that, like good pop songs, leaves you wanting more.



Under the ice cap of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, in southern Iceland, hides Katla, a volcano as giant as it is active that becomes the unexpected protagonist of the first Icelandic original Netflix series , where suspense is mixed with fiction .

A space of eight chapters that leads to the remote town of Vik, a year after the subglacial volcano erupted. This caused the evacuation of the inhabitants of that neighboring town and that its streets and houses were covered with volcanic ash. A situation that 12 months later has not changed much, while scientists continue to monitor seismic activity.

But strange events come to change the routine , when people covered in ashes begin to appear and who were given up for lost by the eruption. Others who were dead are also supposedly returning.

Thus, the series introduces the viewer to a story that combines the devastating force of nature with unexplained facts . Or maybe just supernatural, beyond logic and scientifically acceptable.

Where each of the characters faces volcanic dangers, substitutes and personal problems, both present and past. Those that are happening more and more quickly, wrapping the viewer in a plot that worries and traps .

The Myth of Sisyphus


In a South Korea of ​​2020, but deeply linked to the planet in the not so distant future, this k-drama that the Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company (JTBC) channel produced to commemorate its 10 years of existence and whose extensive 16 chapters already can be seen on Netflix.

It begins by showing a young Gang Seo-hae (Park Shin-hye), a young woman who travels through time thanks to a luminous machine . This is how it appears in the city of Seoul from the “past” along with a suitcase.

Soon his fate joins that of Han Tae-sul (Cho Seung-woo), an engineer who is also the CEO of his successful company Quantum and Time.

Together they begin a dangerous adventure where he must escape from the Control Office , which supposedly maintains a registry of immigrants, and other dark figures.

This is how trips, disasters and mysteries are happening that have as their axis Tae-sul -and “the charger” or the time machine that he invented-, Seo-hae and the disturbing truths that are being revealed.

Sweet tooth


As “Mad Max’s encounter with Bambi” some qualified Sweet Tooth , the comic created in 2009 by Jeff Lemire and that revolves around a mixed child, part human and part animal , on a post-apocalyptic planet.

Today that cartoon serves as inspiration for the new Netflix series, one of the most unique and entertaining bets on the platform for family audiences , which is executive produced by Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan.

A total of eight episodes that begin when the viral strain H5G9, the deadliest since the Black Death, attacks the planet and causes a health crisis that is directly witnessed by Aditya Singh (Adeel Akhtar), a doctor at one of the main hospitals from Essex County, which sees the virus attacking most of the city’s population and the world.

But he is also witnessing another phenomenon that occurs at that very moment: the birth of children who are half animals . One of them is Gus (Christian Convery), who has deer antlers and ears and who, after spending almost a decade hiding from hunters in a park, goes out to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

A dangerous adventure that lives together with Jepperd (Nonso Anozie), his new protector, and that later connects with the stories of Dr. Sing and Aimee (Dania Ramirez), in a story as entertaining as it is endearing  about friendship, the fear of being different and belonging and offering a message that connects with the present, where isolation gives way to hope.

Who Killed Sara?


No one imagined the incredible reception that the Mexican series would get, created by Chilean José Ignacio Valenzuela , which became the most popular non-English language title on the platform, with around 55 million subscribers watching it after its debut last April. .

Now he is back with his second season , continuing the revenge story of Alejandro “Alex” Guzmán (Manolo Cardona), who obtained his freedom after 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit: that of his sister Sara (Ximena Lamadrid).

In its new eight episodes, the series maintains its main characteristic, which is to impress the viewer with unexpected revelations and renewed conflicts . In addition, the plot jumps six months into the future and exposes completely different situations and the first of several unforeseen deaths.

Taking the audience on board a roller coaster of emotions and dangers , which maintains its mix of scenes set both in the present and in the past, and villains that still remind of the great baddies of classic Mexican soap operas.

And its ending will surprise by showing the culprit of the girl’s death, leaving open the possibility of a third season.

Jupiter’s legacy


It is the first production for Netflix under the label of Millarworld , the comic book publisher founded by Mark Millar and which the platform bought in 2017.

It is based on a cartoon that the writer behind Kick-Ass and Kingsman had made with the cartoonist Frank Quitely and for which he was inspired by the children of Hollywood stars trying to make their own way.

The idea that on paper became the story of a group of young paladins who grew up in the shadow of their famous superhero parents, whom at some point they must replace in their task of defending Earth from increasingly violent villains. .

A story that comes to the screen today with eight chapters that divide its plot into two parallel stories . One focused on today, with the clash of generations facing its protagonists, and another in the past, with the origin of the old superheroes.

With its mixture of  the fantasy of the world of superheroes with family and human dramas , The Legacy of Jupiter  becomes one of the most unique bets in recent audiovisual fiction.

In addition, it fully reaffirms the hallmark of the work of Millar, creator behind dysfunctional heroes, who has exposed the weaknesses and moral questions of famous characters in comics for Marvel, as in The Ultimates , the inspiration for the film saga of The Avengers .



Roy Halston Frowick was the famous fashion designer who united simplicity and elegance in the 70s and who began to make a name for himself after designing the Jackie Kennedy pillbox hat.

His figure is now revived in this Netflix series, created by Sharr White, but which has as one of its scriptwriters and executive producers Ryan Murphy , the so-called “King Midas” of TV who has already bequeathed titles such as The politician , Hollywood and Ratched .

Scotsman Ewan McGregor is responsible for bringing the designer to life here, who grew up on an Iowa farm and made his way into the world of fashion after opening his own store in New York.

In five chapters, the production shows the experiences and talent of the creator, in the midst of the  environment that at that time lived in the Big Apple , with the Studio 54 nightclub as the axis of the entertainment of the rich and famous, where Halston rubbed shoulders with figures of music and cinema, such as Liza Minelli (Krista Rodríguez).

A life of debauchery and glamor, which Murphy and company bring to the screen, far from the brightness and color that is customary in their work. And although Ewan McGregor is on the verge of over-acting, in his favor it must be said that the designer did have that tone of voice and the impulsiveness with which he is portrayed.

The innocent


After Do not speak to strangers and Inside Forest , a new novel by the American author Harlan Coben arrives on Netflix as a series: El inocente , a Spanish production of  eight chapters  that debuts on the platform with Mario Casas as its protagonist.

Here the Galician actor becomes Mateo Vidal, or simply Mat, a young man from Barcelona who at the beginning of the story studies Law. Later, he is seen in the appearance of a trial in which he was sentenced to four years in prison for reckless murder .

A passage through the prison where he was a victim of abuse, but which came to an end. Now he works in his brother’s law firm and lives with Olivia Costa (Aura Garrido), his partner and future mother of his son. But fate puts a new obstacle in his way, when a stranger sends him disturbing photos and videos related to his wife .

One of the many pieces of this disturbing thriller, which presents a succession of mysteries, deaths and culprits that manage to hide until the last moment, leaving the viewer always on the edge of the seat. With moments in which everything seems to reveal itself, but that lead again to a dead end.

Nothing and nobody are what they seem in this miniseries, which has as its key element the repeated twists that its story gives . Those that come together in an ending that will surely leave several shocked and wondering about the limits of innocence.



A unique story is presented by this Polish series, starring three university students, Natalia, Paulina and Monika, who seek to win a competition for new applications. Yours? An app focused on improving women’s orgasms .

Throughout the eight chapters of this first season, it takes the viewer through scientific data, sexual encounters and the emotional awakening of its protagonists ; in addition to the consolidation of their friendship and to realize that sexuality for women is too different from that of men.

And while Natalia and company try to find the “universal key” to the female orgasm, more dramatic conflicts also appear that offer diversity to the story, such as Monika’s tense relationship with her father or the zero social ability of the engineer.

All that is complemented by a colorful setting, many phallic symbols and a soundtrack that reaffirms the sexual tone of the plot. Which makes Sexify a brave and uninhibited adults-only series , which would be even better if its episodes were a little shorter.

Shadow and bone


“What if darkness were a place?” Was the question Leigh Bardugo asked himself before writing the first of his novels , Shadow and Bone . A book that made literal the dark metaphor of many fantasies and began a trilogy that would become a best-seller .

The same one that, almost 10 years after its publication, arrives on Netflix as a series, which takes from the pages to the screen the adventures of its young protagonist, Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), a girl who grew up in the orphanage from Keramsiv and working as a cartographer in the army of Ravka, a kingdom similar to 19th century Russia.

On a military mission, Alina discovers a power that will change her existence. A company in which a group of soldiers and grishas – people who manipulate matter – must cross the Shadow, a mysterious “wall” of darkness that divided Ravka in two and that hides terrifying creatures known as volkras inside.

It is the beginning of an adventure marked by fantasy and also by very dangerous temptations, clashes with weapons and magic and the charm of a new world that is interesting for both young and old.

Not forgetting the finished staging of its eight chapters , which combines the uniforms and decorations of tsarist Russia in the 1800s, with the attractive decadence of the cosmopolitan and mysterious Ketterdam.

Easy money: the series


Neither more nor less than the Italian-American director Martin Scorsese sponsored the US premiere of Easy Money , two years after the film by Daniel Espinosa, the Swedish filmmaker son of Chile, debuted in Nordic cinemas, becoming a box office phenomenon .

An action thriller that brought Snabba cash to the screen in 2010 , the first of the novels in Jens Lapidus’s so-called Stockholm trilogy, and which was followed by two sequels. And today, a decade later, it inspires the new Netflix original production, entitled Easy Money, the series .

A Swedish production of six chapters , which has Lapidus himself among its producers and unites the experiences of different characters who inhabit a neighborhood north of Stockholm .

Among them Leya (Evin Ahmad), a widow and single mother who works in a Lebanese restaurant and has a big dream: to start her startup TargetCoach.

To achieve his goal he will be linked with criminals, a dangerous movement that will be key in the future of the plot that is shaping a small, but complex puzzle of names, dreams, debts, dangers and sacrifice , which is leading into space on a path that , chapter by chapter, scale in suspense and violence.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Last February, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba , the manga created by Koyoharu Gotōge and first published in 2016, joined the select group of Japanese comics that exceeded 150 million copies in circulation.

A sample of the fanaticism that shortly before had been exemplified by the fact that the film Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train became the anime feature film and the highest grossing Japanese film of all time, after its premiere in October 2020 .

Now the series based on the manga has arrived on Netflix , a production made by the Japanese studios Ufotable and that brings the adventures of the young demon hunter Tanjiro Kamado to the screen , in a first season consisting of 26 chapters, of around 23 minutes of duration each.

It is a must not only for fans of Koyoharu Gotōge manga, or anime in general, but any viewer with a trained criterion who wants to enjoy a program that leaves no room for boredom thanks to its unstoppable story.

The one that also has a good  share of comedy and some of the most beautiful backgrounds and settings of the genre -such as its snowy forests, flowering trees or a luminous Tokyo at night-, as well as a remarkable level of animation.

The snake


By the early 1970s, Charles Sobhraj already had a long history as a thief . But it would not be until 1975 that he would begin with the deaths that would turn him into The Serpent , his nickname as a psychopath and the same name of the new Netflix series.

A space produced by the platform and the BBC that revives the figure of Sobhraj, who went down in history as the serial killer who took the lives of a dozen young people who visited Southeast Asia in the middle of the hippie era.

And whose first chapter, out of a total of eight, takes the viewer to 1997, when a journalistic team manages to interview him. But he soon goes back to the year 1976, when Sobhraj (Tahar Rahim) lives in Bangkok as the gem merchant Alain Gautier, and where he commits his misdeeds.

The series shines with a good period setting and an outstanding cast , led by Rahim (A prophet), who shows different layers of Sobhraj, and Coleman (Victoria), as the fearful and subdued Monique. Which makes La Serpiente one of the very good additions to Netflix’s European series catalog .

Sky Red

Sky Red | Netflix

The creator of La casa de Papel , Alex Piná , returns to Netflix with a series where he dares to mix drama and suspense with more controversial ingredients such as sexual exploitation, violence and black humor .

A recipe not suitable for all audiences, but that promises an addictive journey for those who dare to accept their invitation to know in eight chapters -of almost half an hour each- the story of Coral ( Verónica Sánchez ), Wendy ( Lali Espósito ) and Gina ( Yany Prado ).

Three women of different nationalities and life experiences that coincide in Las Novias, the brothel run in Tenerife by the ironic and immoral Romeo ( Asier Etxeandia ), with the help of the brothers Moisés ( Miguel Ángel Silvestre ) and Christian ( Enric Auquer ).

Everything is turned upside down when in a fight Coral hits Romeo on the head, who ends up on the ground, lying in a pool of his own blood. Believing him dead, the friends escape the brothel but not before accidentally causing another death. From that moment, they begin a desperate race to escape from Moisés and Christian.

Thus begins the frenetic adventure of this “road series” , where performances are essential, with roles on the edge of exaggeration, and where comparisons with the aesthetics and type of violence of Tarantino’s films cannot be ignored either .

Ginny and Georgia


Two decades ago, the joys and sorrows of a young mother and her fifteen-year-old daughter, in a peaceful New England town, conquered viewers of Gilmore girls . Today, another thirty-something and her teenage daughter are seducing audiences in this Netflix original series.

And as in the space with Lorelei and Rory Gilmore, share with the viewer the experiences of Georgia ( Brianne Howey ) and Ginny Miller ( Antonia Gentry ) in the fictional city of Wellsbury, also located in New England.

But unlike the sweeter Gilmore girls, Ginny and Georgia put some darkness in their tale, with characters coping with depression and self-harm , and Georgia turning to fraud and theft to survive after they challenge the million-dollar inheritance she left behind. her husband after a car accident.

Which can alienate those looking for a series with a more familiar tone, but which offers the rest of the public, throughout its 10 episodes, a compelling story about growth, learning and change, well done and with good performances .

A forger among Mormons


A man finds valuable documents that could forever change the history of the Mormon church and that he sells in an unknown market. It looks like the plot of a conspiracy series, but no, it is the starting point of one of the most talked about Netflix original documentaries of this 2021.

That man is Mark Hofmann , the protagonist of this docuseries and a kind of dealer of historical documents of the Latter-day Saint Movement, better known as Mormonism.

He was an unknown until October 1985 in his city, Salt Lake City, Utah, there were three explosions that ended with two people dead and Hofmann himself injured.

The attacks and the true story of this dealer were soon discovered, which is revisited in this documentary series of three episodes , which go from the story of conspiracies to the police investigation, and which are seen from a sitting of the traps that are .

Tribes of Europe


Netflix’s new bet together with the German production company W&B Television, the same one behind the applauded Dark , goes beyond Brexit and raises a dissolved Europe after a catastrophe in 2029 .

That fact is Black December and is related to a great technological failure – “the global blackout” – that plunged into darkness, literally and figuratively, the inhabitants of the Old Continent, which is now divided into several groups that are struggling to survive. .

Among them the tribe of the Origines, a peaceful clan that in 2074 lives in the forests and to which the adolescent brothers Liv (Henriette Confurius), Kiano (Emilio Sakraya), and Elja (David Ali Rashed) belong, whose tranquility is interrupted when they see drop an aircraft, which belongs to a technology that is not from the ancient world, but more advanced.

Its pilot is from the Atlanta tribe and carries with him a strange object: a cube that would contain the key to an imminent danger , which he hands over to the fifteen-year-old Elja and asks him to take care of it at all costs.

After an attack by the warriors of the Ravens, the brothers divide their paths, facing adventures, dangers and hostile environments , in a dystopian world and with a key technological element.

Behind your eyes


Do not miss it, this is the new addictive series from Netflix . It is already causing people to talk, as is the outcome of the homonymous novel from which it is inspired, which led many of its readers to comment on its conclusion on Twitter under the hashtag #WTFThatEnding or “what the hell that ending”.

That book by Sarah Pinborough now comes to the screen as a six-part miniseries , with the story of a young single mother, Louise Barnsley (Simona Brown), who has an encounter with a stranger whom she accidentally bumps on the street.

But then she learns that this man, David (Tom Bateman), is her new boss at the psychiatric office where she works as a secretary. In addition, he is married to the elegant Adele (Eve Hewson), whom Lou unexpectedly also meets on the street.

So the two become friends, while Lou can no longer resist the charm of the psychiatrist and start a passionate romance. A dangerous triangle that mixes romance with friendship and is the engine of the miniseries until a fourth character from the past is added.

With it, additional elements are incorporated into the plot, which make it suddenly go from thriller to suspense with supernatural edges .

And be careful with its ending that, although it differs from that of the novel -which left several readers shocked-, it can surprise or disappoint.

Invisible city


One of the most recommended Netflix 2021 series comes from Brazil and from the director of animated films such as The Ice Age and Rio , Carlos Saldanha. The definitive step towards real action is taken on Netflix with this series, which takes place over seven episodes, where, in an unusual choice, police suspense is mixed with Brazilian folklore .

In his story, a policeman and his daughter, who are recovering from the loss of their wife and mother, respectively, begin to witness strange events , such as the discovery of a dead pink dolphin on the beach , a somewhat unusual location for a mammal of river, or meeting a young man who has the uncanny ability to control the wind .

Thus, Eric begins to get even more involved in an investigation that will lead him to mythical beings , those who are originally from the Cedar Forest, but now live as “normal” human beings in Rio de Janeiro.

The fireflies dance


Kristin Hannah, one of the most successful American writers in recent times, has among her best sellers a 2008 novel that quickly became a multi-seller thanks to the emotional story of Kate Mularkey and Tallulah Hart, who know each other like teenagers in the summer of ’74.

A relationship that is replicated in the version as a series, with the unbreakable friendship that these two women share over 30 years , with Ali Skovbye and Roan Curtis as protagonists.

Facing together their joys and dramas, the production draws a story that feels somewhat repetitive and confusing, and with a tendency to overcome the barrier of drama to melodrama.



The new Turkish Netflix series is created by screenwriter Burak Aksak, who also directs together with Selçuk Aydemir the eight episodes that make up and draw the unique story of Gölge (Engin Öztürk).

The protagonist with a good life that he receives for taking care of the dirty jobs of Servet Nadir (Kürşat Alnıaçık), a businessman who raised him as a child, after meeting him on the street.

But after his former protector put a price on his head , the former thug must hide in one of the popular sectors of Istanbul, while searching for the truth about his past.

In this way, characters and experiences around a neighborhood that Gölge begins to make his own are added, in a series that,  combining drama, suspense, action and humor , makes it an unmissable bet for fans of Turkish productions and an entertaining one alternative for those who want to know them.

Destiny: the Winx saga


Since 2004, the animated program Winx Club has accompanied generations of girls with the adventures of their magical protagonists, teenage fairies .

However, in this Netflix adaptation, the color and naivety of young people is transformed into a succession of strange events, where magic continues to play a leading role, but from the darkest corner of fantasy .

A version that keeps some names and powers present, but that this series risks giving them a great twist and adding many other changes , several of which will surely impact the followers of the original production.

Her story begins when the adolescent Bloom arrives at the Alfea School, an institution in the Otherworld where the fairies go to take advantage of their different abilities . There, she shares a room with four other students, all of whom have a skill related to nature or feelings.

Those where they will serve to face the Burned, monstrous and ancient creatures that can destroy the fairies and the Specialists, who do not have powers, but are advanced warriors and fight in society with the nymphs.

Night stalker


On the hunt for a murderer is the subtitle of this new Netflix production, which explores one of the darkest crime figures in the United States in the 80s: Richard Ramirez , who was baptized by the media as The Night Stalker .

A psychopath who caused terror among the inhabitants of the city of Los Angeles with his surprise break-ins at night, attacks that included robberies, rapes, murders and kidnapping of children .

This criminal had the local police in a search that lasted several months, especially two members of the Homicide Department: detectives Gil Carrillo and Frank Salerno.

And the most interesting thing about Night Stalker , a four-chapter docuserie, is that they are not only the benchmark of the investigation around this psychopath, but they are the leading elements around which his more than interesting story unfolds.



Arsène Lupine, the literary character created by Maurice Leblanc, defined as a thief and a gentleman , inspires this  French Netflix production, one of the most acclaimed Netflix 2021 series.

Its main character is Luis Perenna ( Omar Sy ), a man who comes to work as a cleaner at the Louvre Museum. Soon we know that his is driven by a plan: to steal the jewel with the help of a moneylender and his men, for which he will pose as a major auctioneer.

An end with which he seeks to avenge the death of his father 25 years after that event and when he has made crime – only robbing the rich – his way of life and the tricks of the literary character his greatest inspiration.

This first part of Lupine comes with five entertaining episodes and a leading role that will allow Omar Sy to internationalize his career.

Suppose New York is a city


Fran Lebowitz is a writer, intellectual, lecturer, and most of all,  a New York icon . The same one to whom his friend Martin Scorsese – another emblem of the Big Apple – dedicated a documentary, called Public speaking , which premiered in 2010 on HBO.

Now the director of Taxi driver once again publicly declares his love for this intellectual in Suppose New York is a City , a documentary miniseries directed by the award-winning director.

The premise of this production is to do together a kind of tour of New York under the gaze of Lebowitz . And it turns out that his vision of the city that never sleeps is scathing, provocative, fascinating and always brilliant .

Throughout its seven episodes the protagonist talks non-stop, telling stories, memories and funny anecdotes with the plaques on the ground in New York, the taxi drivers, Charles Mingus and Muhammad Ali.

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