The Best Cell Phones You Can Buy This 2021

The Best Cell Phones You Can Buy This 2021

The smartphone is no longer simply a communication device to become a symbol that represents the person who carries it. So when it comes to buying your next phone, it’s never a good idea to just go to the store and go out with “whatever”; It is necessary to be aware of which are the best phones and what features each one offers, to intelligently choose who will be our inseparable companion.

You will notice that most of the devices featured here have 5G capabilities, but not all; If that is a requirement for you, you will be interested in seeing our list of the best 5G phones.

You will be interested in:

  • The best Apple cell phones
  • The best small phones
  • The best phones for gaming

The best phones: general table

Make model   Category
iPhone 12 ProThe best ever
Galaxy S21 UltraBest Android Phone
Motorola Moto G Power (2021)Best cheap smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S21The best value for money phone
Google Pixel 4aBest small smartphone
Galaxy Z Fold 2 5GThe best folding phone

iPhone 12 Pro

The best ever

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs.  iPhone 12 Pro

Why should you buy it? It is a very complete phone with excellent hardware, cameras, and software expertise.

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro is the most complete and balanced phone that currently exists.$ 1,000 AT APPLE$ 1,000 AT BEST BUY

For whom it is? For those who always prefer an iPhone and have the budget to level up with respect to the base iPhone 12.

Apple phones are more and more and come for all tastes, but we believe that the best alternative is the iPhone 12 Pro, the most complete and balanced phone that can be purchased today. The design of the iPhone 12 series is very interesting and is enhanced thanks to its good finishes, colors, and a screen now with thinner edges and whose only detail is that it does not have a 120 Hz update as its direct competition in Android.

The iPhone 12 Pro has one of the best cameras Apple has ever made, including improvements to low-light images. The main lens now captures more light and the results prove it: the images are brighter and sharper than in previous versions.

The rest of the phone is exactly what is expected of an iPhone. The operating system runs smoothly and the specs are ready for at least three future (big) iOS updates. On the other hand, the battery life is not something that stands out as in previous equipment, but with the 12 Pro, you can easily have a day of autonomy even using 5G networks.

Of course, no phone is perfect. The iPhone 12 is somewhat cheaper and the user experience is basically the same, while the 12 Pro Max comes with a larger battery and the photos are slightly better. But if all are put in the balance, the iPhone 12 Pro is the most complete and balanced of its series.

Runner-up: iPhone 12

iPhone 12

iPhone 12

It maintains the excellence of the new iPhones but allows you to save a little money.$ 829 AT AMAZON$ 799 FROM APPLE

The iPhone 12 shares several features with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, so if the price of this seems excessive, you can consider purchasing the iPhone 12, which will surely render you perfect. Both phones release the A14 Bionic processor and support for the 5G network and share the same iOS 14 operating system and the type of screen, although the iPhone 12 is 6.1 inches.

However, unlike the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the 12 is a bit lighter, has 4 GB of RAM (while the Pro Max has 6 GB) and perhaps the most notable feature is that it does not have three lenses in it. your camera, but you have two. Anyway, you can take the iPhone 12 for a starting price of $ 799 dollars, so you can save a few bills and still have an excellent cell phone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Best Android Phone

accessories for Samsung Galaxy S21

Why should you buy it? It’s the best of the best, with a tremendously beautiful display, good software, plenty of features and a multi-lens camera, plus great battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Without a doubt, it is the best Android phone on the market.$ 1,000 ON AMAZON$ 1,150 AT BEST BUY

For whom it is? For anyone looking for a phone that can handle productivity, videos, games, and everyday functions, thanks to a powerful battery.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the king of Android phones. Samsung this time left behind the stumbling blocks of the S20 Ultra and even improved on what the Note 20 Ultra brought from the end of 2020. The S21 Ultra maintains Samsung’s excellent build quality, with some extra details like the glass surface on the back. that keeps finger marks at bay. Inside, we are talking about a phone with high-end specs, with its Snapdragon 888 processor plus 12 or 16 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of internal storage.

The user experience is based on a flawless 6.8-inch screen with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz even when displayed at full resolution. This is the best screen on a phone today, only “interrupted” by the small space used by the front camera. And the in-display fingerprint sensor is faster (and more competitive) than before.

The new four-lens camera has also raised the bar on the phone. The main sensor is 108 megapixels and surpasses that of the Note 20 Ultra. And this added to the photo processing software allows very good images at 10x zoom or even 30x, as long as the lighting conditions are correct. Mind you, the 100x zoom isn’t much that it brings to the camera in general.

To all the above we must add additional features, such as the DeX mode that allows you to link the phone to a monitor or a television to have a desktop-like experience. It should also be taken into account that the equipment has reverse charging and above all there is the build quality, water resistance, wireless fast charging and other details.

As for the disadvantages? One of them is the size, in addition, the S21 Ultra is heavier than the S20 Ultra and therefore difficult to use with one hand. The phone costs $ 1,200, but it is without a doubt the best Android out there. The closest competitor is the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but for quality / price ratio, the S21 Ultra is superior.

Runner-up: Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5

It offers greater fluidity and a great software experience.$ 700 AT AMAZON$ 650 AT BEST BUY

The Pixel line remains the only Android option capable of fully competing with Apple’s iPhone in several areas, including security, spot updates, and software design. But it goes further with significant artificial intelligence features that anyone can appreciate. Google manages the Android operating system and therefore the Pixel series, so it can optimize hardware and software, similar to what Apple does with the iPhone.

That approach, plus the simple “less is more” philosophy, makes the phone enjoyable to use. It has the best software experience on a phone and it runs smoothly. Also, the standout feature of the Google Pixel 5 is its dual lens camera, which is one of the best. Yes, at any price.

Motorola Moto G Power (2021)

Best cheap smartphone

the motorola moto g power is one of the best cell phones currently

Why should you buy it? Motorola gives you all the basics in a good size along with some nice features.

For whom it is? Budget-minded shoppers who want a great phone with great basics.

When you need a solid phone for a great price, you turn to Motorola. At this point you just have this refined formula and the latest version is the Moto G Power. For less than $ 250, you get a huge 6.4-inch screen, 4GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 600-series chip, and 64GB of storage. And here’s the big plus: a massive 5,000 mAh battery, which can easily last two days on a charge no matter what you do.

Moto G Power 2021

Moto G Power 2021

The Moto G Power offers all the basics for an affordable price.$ 170 ON AMAZON

On the other hand, Motorola continues to show that it can make consistent and useful software. Its version on Android is simple and practical, with just a few tweaks and applications to improve the overall experience. It offers quick gestures for everyday tasks like launching the camera or turning on the flashlight, and the Moto Display feature is the best way to quickly monitor notifications as they arrive.

Obviously for this amount of money you miss out on several high-end features. The body of the phone is plastic, the screen isn’t that great, and the cameras just do their job. It also doesn’t have a full water resistance rating or other hardware extras like wireless charging. But in reality, those are not fundamental parts of the experience. You can do everything you need on a cell phone with the Moto G Power for a totally affordable price.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The best value for money phone

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs.  iPhone 12

Why should you buy it? The core experience of Samsung’s flagship phone is available at a convenient price.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21

It offers high-end specs at a reasonable price.$ 599 AT BEST BUY

For whom it is? For anyone who wants a high-end Android at a reasonable price, without major compromises.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is our pick for the best Android phone, but its price puts it out of reach for many. Although it does not have the same camera system and its glass structure, its excellent price makes the Galaxy S21 a convenient alternative.

It has the same internal specifications and performance capabilities thanks to a high-end processor, and runs the same software that makes the Korean firm’s phones attractive. Samsung’s screens are the best you can get today, although this one is “only” 1080p; what matters is that it is bright and colorful, and has a 120Hz refresh rate. Although it is not a small phone, with a 6.2-inch screen, it is not as big as the S21 Ultra. If you find modern flagship phones too expensive, the standard Galaxy S21 gives you a break.

The only fundamental difference is the camera setup – it loses the S21 Ultra’s 108MP camera. Although the lens of the S21 is good, it is not at its level. Also, you lose the zoom capabilities, as the quality drops after 3x. If you’re willing to spend for a good phone, but don’t want the ones higher up, the Galaxy S21 is an option. It offers an excellent price-quality ratio.

Google Pixel 4a

Best small smartphone

Google Pixel 4a on a table to evaluate the best prepaid cell phones

Why buy it? Because this Google design is the best in terms of small, simple phones with an attractive price.

Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a

When it comes to small Android phones, the Google Pixel 4a has no competition.$ 349 AT AMAZON$ 350 AT BEST BUY

For whom it is? For everyone who no longer wants to carry a very large phone or whose hands prefer a lighter and smaller design.

It is almost impossible to find a truly small phone today, as smartphones of all ranges get bigger and bigger. But the Pixel 4a is really small, in fact, it is one of the smallest screens that can be found today (5.8 inches).

Beyond size, the Pixel 4a has several details going for it. Google’s software is the simplest and most straightforward, and it runs very well on non-top-of-the-range hardware, which is further enhanced by its battery life. Yes, the screen is nothing to write home about and the specs are surely going to fall a bit short in a couple of years, but that’s the world of the mid-range.

On the other hand, with this phone comes the already legendary Google camera that, even in a device like this and with its 12 megapixel lens, is capable of rivaling phones that cost triple. Of course, in this phone there is no second lens and the front camera is a lot, but what does it matter: in its price range, this is the best camera there can be.

And better yet, the Google Pixel 4a costs a mere $ 349, which means that with this phone, not only do you not have to stretch your hands when using it, nor the wallet to buy it.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

The best folding phone


Why should you buy it? Folds are the future of phones and the Z Fold 2 5G is the best of those already out there.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

It is expensive, but it is the best in its class. As simple as that.$ 1,800 AT AMAZON$ 1,800 AT BEST BUY

For whom it is? For those who have the budget and want to buy something other than traditional.

Foldable phones have yet to reach the point of being the best overall, especially when their prices are still so high. But it is undeniable that folding screens are going to be an important part of the future of phones and the Z Fold 2 5G is a great example of this.

When the phone is closed, it looks like any other; With the external display, simple tasks can be carried out. But when you open it, it basically becomes a mini-tablet where there are no borders to deal with, but a large screen where you can use multiple applications at the same time, or increase the size of an application so that its use is more comfortable. And once a video is finished reading or viewing, the screen closes and protects itself from any damage.

And since it is a high-end Samsung phone, the user experience is very positive, beyond the fact that the screen is foldable. The cameras are of great quality, as is the battery life. The software is also quite good and the quality of the phone itself is very robust, as much as you can expect from a phone in this price range. And speaking of prices, that is the only big disadvantage of a phone with this technology: it costs neither more nor less than $ 2,000.

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